Hi again everyone.

This is not my first online journal.  The last one I stopped using almost two years ago.  It seems all the good bloggers either have an interesting hobby or kids that they can just post pictures of of a weekly basis and call it good.  I don’t have either, so I stopped writing publicly.  My interests are fluid and kids are still several years on the horizon (ideally).  I do, however, find myself in Middle of Nowhere, Midwest USA with a full time job, a dog, a cat, and a husband.  That’s it.  My family, who are my main reason for writing, live a minimum of an hour away and stretch on to the opposite side of the world, quite literally.  I have always admired the family members who are sure to keep us updated to our hearts content through pictures, stories, and videos on their blogs.  While I don’t have hobbies or offspring, I feel that is no excuse to hide away my mundane life from them.  Here it is family, friends, world: me (online).

Please don’t expect anything from this site.  I want this to be a place where I can safely share my thoughts, stories, projects, funny-to-me dog stories, etc. I thrive on comments, so please check in with me often.