Over the past days of vacation and retreat I have made a mental list of several things I want to do when I get back to reality, to my townhouse in Middle Of Nowhere.  A blog (sorry WordPress, but that term is staying despite choosing you over blogspot.com) was one of those things, but I decided to jump the gun on that, and start while I’m still in my home state.  I would post pictures of the past several weeks, but I already spent over an hour doing that on Facebook, and the people who really care about that have already been tagged in their respective photos.

Today, however, was a particularly wonderful day…  So far second only to Christmas eve.  My family pitched in and pooled funds to bring my grandparents up for a few days.  I rarely get to see my grandparents.  When I was living in the house I am currently staying in, my grandparents lived one block up from me.  I could see them as I pleased, and quite frankly took that pleasure for granted.  Shortly after my parents moved themselves and me to Middle Of Nowhere in 2003, my grandparents moved a few states west of Middle Of Nowhere to be closer to their two sons.  Now, when I come back to my home state, my thanksgiving dinner plate lacks specially made crescent rolls and the football game lacks an elderly voice yelling at the top of her lungs at the players poor or grand performance.

I am thankful I was able to see my grandparents today.  My grandmother hinted that she would appreciate a blog from me.  I use Facebook to post myself to the people I care about, but she noted that she rarely uses her Facebook account.  She and I both recognize that as much as we should speak more often, we both fall short on interesting things to tell one another (once again, my lack of children and hobbies creates a distance between me and the world). I think we both know how deep our love runs for one another (and grandpa too), but our words are short. Even today we would have fallen silent after a few minutes of conversation had it not been for the many “little” distractions prancing around my parent’s living room.  For me, when events have completed, I forget them or find them not as interesting as I first did; I think sharing them would bore both me and my listener.  I sense that grandma feels the same way about her experiences and events, although I doubt she keeps her life as boring as she lets on.   So, Grandma, here you are.  A blog.  Written for you, and for others.  A place for me to drop off my thoughts before I find them boring.  A place for you to read them and finally know what is going on in my life.  But Grandma, the invitation for a phone call IS always open.



A wonderful day