and I are fans of the Travel Channel. We don’t have cable but we do
have Netflix which makes past seasons of several of our favorite
shows available to us. One of our favorite shows has been Man Vs.
Food. If you are not familiar with the show, it is what the title
says it is: One man facing eating challenge after eating challenge.
It airs on the Travel Channel because he goes from city to city
trying new food challenges and while he’s there he features unique
restaurants in the area. The Minneapolis episode featured two
restaurants: Matt’s Bar and The 5-8 Club. They are known for a
burger called the Juicy Lucy (Or if you are at Matt’s Bar, the Jucy
Lucy). The Juicy Lucy looked like pure heaven between two buns. 2
quarter pound patties sandwiching together a pile of cheese. Since
that episode Jeremy and I have attempted to make Juicy Lucy’s with
some success, but we had to try the real thing.

fantastic dish

We found
a 5-8 Club restaurant close to where we have stayed over the
holidays. We chose the 5-8 club over Matt’s bar because they gave
you the option of choosing from many different kinds of cheese,
whereas Matt’s Bar only does American Cheese (which is most
definitely NOT my favorite cheese). Jeremy and I both ordered Swiss
Juicy Lucy’s with seasoned potatoes and coleslaw.


liked his too!

burger is not love at first bite. It draws you in with an appealing
appearance and aroma, but the first bite is not THE bite. For most
good relationships, you have to keep going to get to the most
beautiful parts… the same goes for Lucy. The melted cheese in the
center cannot be duplicated by simply putting a piece of cheese on
top and hoping it melts. No, no burger comes close to offering the
flavors the Juicy Lucy gives. Thank you Jeremy for the date, thank
you Travel Channel for the suggestion, thank you Lucy for the
experience. Yum.