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I spent the evening putting away the Christmas tree and enjoying one of my Christmas gifts from Jeremy.  He got me the original star wars trilogy on DVD along with the terrible re-make edition.  I insisted on watching the original version and he sat and enjoyed them along side of me.  He has only seen the movies once so I pipe in with my plethora of knowledge regarding the films here and there.

“Did you know that the reason Mark Hamill’s face looks all weird in Return of the Jedi is because he was in a bad car accident?”

“This scene is really funny if you are upside-down watching it… Luke’s mouth is all distorted.”

“No, the Ewoks aren’t on Dagobah, they are on the third moon of Endor.”

I find it somewhat pathetic that after 10 years of NOT obsessing over the films, I still retained a ridiculously large amount of trivia on the movies.  Thanks Jeremy for putting up with the nerd-side of your wife this evening.  It was fun.