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Word press is giving it’s “dailypost” subscribers daily ideas to blog about. One this year was “Something that makes you smile.” I don’t have any idea what to blog about today, so I decided to go with that suggestion.

In August 2006, a friend named Will had just moved into his new apartment. He hadn’t moved in anything like couches or dishes or beds. He was certain to first move in his giant box of Legos. He invited friends over and we played with legos for several hours.

This is his living room, completely covered in legos.  Since we didn’t have any dishes, but we did have frozen pizzas, Will cooked some frozen pizzas and we used a flat lego terrain as a pizza pan and a small lego axe as a pizza cutter.  It worked well enough.  It took him several weeks to wash those dishes.

This was my final creation: red land.  It was clearly summer as my face matched the legos.

So there you go, something that makes me smile is legos.  Legos are a great toy and I think if I was now invited over to an apartment that contained only legos and frozen pizza I would go.  Thanks Will (if you read this) for the great night!


PS did you know that LEGOS is not in the wordpress dictionary.  Lego is but who plays with one Lego?