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I got home at 6:15 today.  I went into the kitchen and started a load of dishes.  Jeremy came home around 6:20 when I was finishing up the load.  He requested that we make the mac and cheese from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook book that I am currently obsessed with.  I told him we didn’t have the ingredients, but he corrected me saying he went to the store before he came home.  I told him he is cooking and went to the couch and started watching glee.  about 20 minutes in I went to the kitchen, commenting on our dog Ely who put himself in his kennel and was sulking.  I then look SLIGHTLY to the right of Ely’s kennel and see these sitting on the table:

Pretty, right?

I perked up and went to give Jeremy a kiss.  He gave me a short one and then said, “No way, you don’t even deserve a kiss! you walked by those AT LEAST three times.”

Ok Jeremy, I’m sorry for my poor observation skills.  But, THANK YOU!

I love roses (and Jeremy).

Here is the yummy Mac and Cheese Jeremy made tonight

Not a terrible Tuesday.