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Jeremy and I went got together with some friends last night.  One of our friends is from England and made us an English dinner.  As much as I try to be healthy, I can’t deny the monk choir inside me that chants, “Hooray for starches, fats and sugars” with a second cry that weakly responds “In moderation”

All health comments aside, last night’s dinner was delicious!

Here is the dinner: Toad in the hole, which is basically sausage in Yorkshire pudding (much like slightly raw pancakes); mashed potatoes with onion-rosemary gravy (probably the best gravy I have ever had); and fresh steamed broccoli (now the meal is healthy!).

For dessert, Sticky toffee pudding.  This is basically the caramel/toffee version of chocolate lava cakes. Simply yum.

This is our wonderful host, Joce, in her kitchen for the majority of the night.  Amanda and I sat by and kept her company as she created our feast.

Here is Amanda and her sweet little 4 month old. I love the facial expression, C!

This is me interrupting guy time by taking a picture of guy time.  Hi guys!