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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I take Jeremy to his 8 o’clock class. It leaves me with an hour to kill before work. My in-laws gave me a gift card to starbucks for Christmas so that is where I have been spending the hour. I take my knitting bag (I am currently working on a project I call “ugly blanket”) and sit down in a comfy chair.

I love seeing the different people that come in. At one table I saw 2 male law students: white and blue striped button up shirts, yellow legal pads, computer and noses in textbooks coming up for air only to discuss a case related to whatever they were studying.

Right next to them were chemistry 101 students. Two recent sorority pledges who dress in uniform: long straight brown hair, overdone eye makeup, black pea coats that they never took off, white undershirts poking out below their coats, too-tight yoga pants carefully tucked into brown uggs. Both had lavender 3-ring binders and no textbooks but rather some form of cliffnotes for chemistry. Their drawings of elements looked more like coloring projects than chemistry. Evening plans came up along with other social discussions.

Law students, sorority girls, and my knitting hands all within 10 feet of one another. I love codffee.