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Today marks a month of daily blogging in 2011.  Sure, some days I just pointed out that I didn’t have anything to contribute to the world and some days I posted stuff that wasn’t my own creation.  I made this blog a broad topic because I wanted to portray who I am; what makes me laugh, what upsets me, what I like to do, etc… I didn’t want to be a stenographer of my life.  I love scrapbooking because it pulls random things together and makes something beautiful.  That is what this blog is: a daily scrapbook of my life, a bit of my brain presented to you.  I have to say I have enjoyed the project. Here is what I have come to like about blogging so far:
1. I really like that I have forced myself not to write about my job.  As I say in my bio, I like my job.  If I allowed myself to blog about my job, however, I would write about how stressful, or long, or boring, etc. my day was.  By not allowing myself to use this blog as a venting tool for a job that, in the grand scheme of things, is NOT that stressful, boring, etc., I force myself to see beyond my work day and appreciate the rest of my life.  It forces me to not think about work for at least however long it takes to write my post.  I find this to be somewhat therapeutic.
2. By blogging daily, I have come to appreciate Jeremy more.  Even if I don’t write about the things we do each day, while coming up with a topic my mind replays the experiences we shared over the past 24 hours.  Generally mundane (cooked dinner, folded laundry, made me laugh, watched tv together), I still enjoy the moments.  Blogging forces me to reflect on those moments.
3. Blogging has made me accountable to my actions.  I don’t want to say day after day that I watched tv and nothing else, so I have to find ways to spice up my daily events.  I want to keep my readers (even if there are only 5 of you) interested.  I have 11 more months to go on this task.  Oh boy…
4. At the end of this I will have a year written down somewhere in the universe.  While I don’t write about every event of every day, at the end of this I will have a very vivid picture of 2011.  My grandma journaled daily for over a decade (journaling is like blogging only you write it down in a notebook…I know, weird, right?).  After she passed away, I inherited the journals: years of her thoughts written, a one-of-a-kind treasure.  Even if I don’t make it past 2011 with this blogging thing, I still think it a personal treasure to have all those posts.
So that’s that.  I have enjoyed the first month of postaday2011.  I have a way to go to complete this project, but I like what it has done so far.