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And now it’s time for a segment I like to call: USELESS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT MY PAST!

In this segment we go back to all the school mascots I have been associated while gaining an education.  These are all the mascots of the schools I went to (for someone who only got detention once, I went to a lot of different schools)… They may not be the ACTUAL mascot, but they are at least the same animal/concept:

Kindergarten-4th grade: The Bull Dogs. I chose a puppy bulldog for this picture because it was elementary school mascot (I’m not sure what the school colors were).

5th-6th grade: Hawks (I think we were green and maroon, but it is difficult to tell, the year books are in black and white)

7th-8th grade: Eagles (gold and blue)







9th grade: Eagles (gold and green)

10th-11th grade: Ponies (red and black)

12th grade: Indians (purple and gold)



1st year of college: The Purple Storm (purple, duh)





2nd-final year of college: Huskies (red and black)