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Jeremy is notoriously bad at Valentines Day. For example, our first Valentines day was in 2003.  I was a Junior and he was a Senior. We had been dating for almost two months.  Early on in our relationship he mentioned he wanted a Lava Lamp so that is what I got him for our first Valentines Day.  He got me a purple stuffed bear and some carnations he took off the bouquet his mom had received earlier that day.  He was completely open with me about where he got the carnations.  Last year I got him a wallet and a nice card I made him.  He got me nothing until a week later to make up for not doing anything on the actual day.

This year I figured he would do nothing so I, too, did nothing. This was not out of spite, but rather to not guilt him into having to do something a week later. I didn’t want that awkward interaction of me doing something thoughtful and him doing nothing. This makes it sound like I resent him for it, but that is not at all the case.  It just makes Valentines Day really awkward.

Last night he picked me up from work. On the seat of the car was a bunch of roses.


He decided earlier that day that we should have fondue for dinner so I knew a nice dinner was coming with no time to retaliate with something for him.  Nice dinner, fine, but roses too?!?! ah c’mon Jeremy!  He even had the nerve to hand me a gift mid way through dinner. Really?!?! How dare you Jeremy! er-I mean- Thanks Jeremy….

… Thanks a lot. *sigh*

Valentines dinner with flowers. Ugh!


(Seriously, thanks! It was a wonderful night!)

By the way, I went to the store and picked up a gift for Jeremy today. I failed on Valentines day.