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This post is brought to you by lack of personal inspiration. In an effort to provide my readers something to enjoy this Friday night, I have pleaded to Google.com for some entertainment.  I call this segment “RANDOM GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCHES!”

“Sickeningly cute” is the term I have chosen for this Google search.  Here are my top picks:

This is the first image Google gave me.

Platypi! BABY platypi! ok, that is cute! (I'm not sure if the plural for platypus is platypi. I made that up.)

Yeah, monkeys are cute. Monkeys in overalls, however, are sickeningly cute!

I'm not sure if I would say that combat boots are sickeningly cute, but Google would.

Oh sad obese dog with ice cream cone, you ARE sickeningly cute.

When Jaws meets Oliver.

These are called "Smittens." So you can hold hands AND stay warm.