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Jeremy’s birthday is in August. I attempted to get him Direct TV in August but the installer claims that there is no place on our house to put a dish (I don’t understand that) so we saved ourselves some money and declined the fancy tv channels. This was good timing because that same week our car died and we had to buy another one. So, Jeremy was left birthday-gift-less.  That isn’t to say his birthday went ignored.  I cooked him a king crab and wild rice dinner and ordered very expensive cheese cake from the same place that made our wedding cheesecake.  Still, I didn’t have a gift for him.  I asked him repeatedly for ideas, but he didn’t have any.

Finally, a month or so later, he said “I suppose you could get my sun glasses repaired as my birthday gift.” His sunglasses are fancy (aka, expensive) sports sunglasses by Costa Del Mar. He owns two pairs and managed to break the lenses on both pairs. I was all for this idea except that I knew nothing about his glasses or how to get them repaired.

“You just send them in.” he would say to me.

“Where? I don’t know what to do. I need your help with that.” I would reply.

This conversation went on for months. This past weekend he put in all the information necessary on the online repair form.  Yesterday we went to Office Max and purchased a box to mail the glasses.  Today I took the box back to Office Max to FedEx it. Now we wait.

So, even though Jeremy had to do most of the work, I still got him a birthday gift (a few months late). HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! ….. *hangs head in shame*