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To help me along with my postaday2011 challenge, I am going to fill in my uninteresting days with a 30-day photo challenge. This will hopefully take over a month as I plan to blog about my life when interesting things happen to me. This photo thing is just to fill in some very boring blanks. Today is day one:

Day 01 – A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

15: I have four siblings.
14: I have nine nieces and one nephew.
13: I have two black cats.
12: I can lick my elbows.
11: My shoe size is 8 1/2.
10: Both my grandfathers served in WW2.
9: I have never broken a bone.
8: I have been on TV, the front page of a newspaper and the radio.
7: In 2000 I took a plane ride with my grandma. Half way through the flight she pulled a steak knife from her carry-on so she could cut her apple. 14-year-old-me had to tell her to put it away.
6: is my favorite number.
5: I have very light and thin eyebrows. In 4th grade a girl made me cry because she told everyone I shaved my eyebrows.
4: I have participated in: piano, ballet, tap, art, girl scouts (daisies and brownies), violin, softball, synchronized swimming, soccer (4th and 9th grade), track, figure skating, drama (in school, church and community), orchestra, and choir.
3: My favorite class in high school was blacksmithing. I would go to my next class covered in ash and smelling like campfires.
2: My cursive writing looks the same way it did in 2nd grade when I first learned how to do it.
1: I can knit.