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We’re married!!!

Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory.

I’m sure most of you looked at this image and thought “How cliché, she likes the memory of her wedding day.” And while that is entirely true, what I really want to capture is the narrative in my brain for the 45 minutes of the ceremony.

Flower girls are out there.  I wish I could see what they are doing.  The cutest part is always seeing the flower girls walk down the aisle. What? they’re done already? That was really fast. I’m supposed to listen to the music for my cue. There was a part of the music that kinda built up and would work for my entrance. Is this it? I nod to the wedding coordinator and she opens the doors. Nope, that wasn’t it.  Shoot, everyone is looking at me and awkwardly standing up.  They clearly know it wasn’t the right cue either. Move feet, we’ve gotta go!

Where is Jeremy? Oh good, he showed up. Is he breathing? Am I smiling? I’m supposed to look happy.  I am happy, but I need to smile. Does my smile look fake? Am I supposed to acknowledge everyone? HI JEREMY!

“Her mother and I do.” Aww, thanks Dad! *hug* I tuck my arm behind Jeremy’s and begin to walk forward. I can’t move. Dad stepped on my train. Is he holding me back? No, he let me go. Just an accident.

You really expect me to climb three whole steps without falling at a time like this? I guess this is why I’m holding Jeremy’s arm. Did my sister remember the ring? Oh, shh, time for prayer. The pastor prays and presents us with encouragement for our new life. We sing two of our two favorite worship songs and my brother and sister-in-law give a reading

Time for the vows! I wonder at what point we are married? Wow, Jeremy looks so sincere when he repeats what the pastor is saying. I need to make sure I look just as sincere. My turn! Ok, be sincere! Wait, what did the pastor say? I think it was…. Quietly, and with a very thick tongue, I say what I think I am supposed to say. No one laughed, I must have said it right. I stumble through my vows. Are we married yet?

Music begins again. You really expect me to walk FIFTEEN FEET over to that table to light some candle? My feet are screaming at me and tingle painfully in several places. I knew I should have worn these shoes more to break them in. I didn’t think it would get this bad so quickly. Ow Ow Ow OW OW OW. MADE IT! I wish my tongue wasn’t so swollen or I would say something to Jeremy. Ouch, I just got wax on my hand. Are we married yet?

I can’t believe I made it back to the front of the stage without my feet falling off. Are we married yet? Right, rings. Good, Laura remembered the ring. We exchange rings. Are we married yet?
“You may kiss the bride.” WE’RE MARRIED! Wow, good one, Jeremy!

Time to walk back down this aisle.  Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow….