Today is my birthday. It’s Monday which means I spent the majority of the day around people who had no idea it was my birthday. Occasionally my phone would make a sound letting me know that someone posted a birthday wish on facebook, but other than that my phone remained silent for the majority of the day. My phone notifications were the only thing reminding me that this otherwise normal day was my birthday. I had already gotten my gift from Jeremy several weeks earlier (tickets to les miserables). The only thing that kept me excited was knowing I was going to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner (no, it’s not olive garden).

After work Jeremy and I drove over to the restaurant only to see dark lights and a CLOSED sign. I started crying. I felt foolish for shedding tears, but it is the one day a year I am sanctioned to be selfish and this meal was the only thing I asked for. Jeremy, clearly feeling helpless toward the situation, put his hand on my knee and awkwardly said “I’m sorry.”

After some silence, Jeremy looked up the hours to a branch of the restaurant 40 minutes away. It was open but Jeremy was hesitant to make the drive because he had some homework. It was a valid point that I was willing to accept, but I clearly couldn’t hide my emotions so he took me for a drive.

Jeremy is my hero (and successfully completed his homework).

While I wrote this, my parents called me. It was good to get those calls too. It was an ok day, just a very mundane birthday.