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Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

There is absolutely no question as to who this would be. Kristin and I met at church in 3rd grade. We went to summer camp together, had countless sleepovers, and were all-around dorks. Our activities were not messed up in the sense they were wrong or taboo, they were just messed up. We have:

-made babies from play-doh (this was only funny because we got to say “we’re making babies”)
-did countless “radio shows” together: you know, when you take a tape recorder and make up your own radio show. It was there I shared that my underwear was “Peach” colored.
-made more than one embarrasing music video.
-danced awkwardly for years (often in public).
-giggled without any known reason.
-found thrift stores hillarious.
-our catch phrase and philosophy to life was “randomivity”
-passed around a can of SPAM for at least 2, possibly 3 years before opening it up and cooking it with nearly every edible item in the kitchen (Kristin, can I have the paper you wrote on this? I would love to share that on my blog).
-she once sent me a HUGE care package while I was at camp. It included a mail-man hat, a bottle of caffinated water, and lots of other fun and useless stuff.

I think the picture explains it all.