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As I said yesterday, my sister and her kids were over for the weekend. One thing I was most worried about was her daughters’ fear of animals. They had met my pets before and it didn’t go well. On Friday when they first arrived the youngest physically trembled at sight of my dog. The cats were not a much better alternative. Saturday morning I woke up to loud cries of “no! No thank you kitties!” because they had woken earlier and ventured out into the hallway where my two cats happened to roam. They were comfortable with my fish and enjoyed feeding them and watching them swim. By mid day the girls realized that the kitties are nice and even enjoyable to pet. The older one (4) was also becoming more comfortable with the dog (the comfort level came and went in waves). It was fun to watch the girls come out of their shell a bit and discover pets. The youngest would remind herself that kitties are nice, almost like she was giving herself a pep talk. It was a weekend full of discovery and fun!




We also played some Mario kart.