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I got a request from a reader to do “The Evolution of the Male Facebook Profile Picture.” This was the first request I have ever gotten from a reader. I felt I had no choice but to appease my commenter. I give you “The Evolution of the Male Facebook Profile Picture.”
Wait, scratch that. Men are far more unpredictable on Facebook than women are. Males do not attempt to illustrate their personal fairy tale love story through their profile pictures. Instead, I must give you: “The Six Variations of the Male Profile Picture:”
1. The Silhouette: This guy set up his profile but never took the time to change his picture from the blue silhouette. He has less than 50 friends because no one can find him on Facebook. He logs in every month or so to see if anything changed.
2. The Obscure Image: This guy apparently doesn’t have a face (isn’t that a prerequisite to FACEbook?). Instead, he floods us with images of sports teams, political events, scenery, blurry concerts, animals, or cartoon film strips. The image tells me very little about the person it is attached to.
3. The One Shot and Done: This guy is almost as bad as the silhouette. This guy once had the computer skills to upload a picture of himself, but not anymore. His picture just stays there, collecting dust.
4. Wanna Be A Model Guy: This guy knows he looks good. He periodically changes from one generic picture of himself with or without a shirt on to another generic picture of himself with or without a shirt on. Occasionally these guys have professional pictures, but generally don’t.
5. The Hobby Guy: This is my husband. While I am posting pictures of us looking at one another in soft light, he is posting pictures of himself holding a fish or standing next to a dead deer. The Hobby Guy can come in many forms: hunter, runner, biker, science fiction enthusiast, musician, actor, director, etc. In other words, the Hobby Guy provides pictures of him engaging in his interests and not his face.
6. Family Guy: This is the guy who is just as excited about dating, marriage and family as his wife. His profile mirrors his wife’s.
There you go Steve-The-Commenter, a blog post loosely related to the one you requested.
I could write a book on the social dynamics of Facebook.  I would call the book “The Social Network.” and then turn the book into a movie.