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If you have ever taken a Sociology class in high school or college, you were probably given the assignment to break a social norm and write about the response you got. Typically this just turned into an assignment to skip, walk backwards or dress funny for a day. In my high school Sociology class we had to give a daily report on a sociological observation (ex. guys look at their nails with their palms facing them, whereas girls look at their nails with their palms facing out). By the end of the trimester, our eyes were open to a wide variety of social norms and cultural oddities.

One observation has stuck with me and I challenge you to try it. Next time you are at a stop light and another car pulls up next to you, line your window up with their window. This will make them uncomfortable and more often than not, force them move forward a tad. Feel free to realign yourself with the other car. Making people uncomfortable is the goal of this game.

For whatever reason, people are don’t like pulling up directly next to another driver. You don’t have to look at them, but if you are going for a big reaction try smiling directly at them. Just have fun with it! Drive safely and stay off your cell phones!