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Day 17 – A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

It is difficult for me to see the impact recent events have on my life. I could guess at some of the impacts certain recent events have had on me, but instead I will share one I know has impacted my life.

I went my entire life without owning a dog. The dogs I came in contact with seemed to dislike me. They had hard awkward joints and were typically just in the way all the time. I like cats. They are small, and clean, and easy. My husband, however, is a dog person. I never disliked dogs and I welcomed the idea of having a dog but I was never a dog person and figured this dog would be more Jeremy’s than mine. Last year I would occasionally check out the website of a local animal shelter. We had recently purchased a house so animals were an option. One weekend I noticed several puppies had arrived at the shelter. They were labeled as Lab/Border Collie mixes. On a whim that Sunday, Jeremy and I went to the shelter and checked out the puppies. In the first five minutes we knew we were going to leave with a dog. In the pen there were five puppies. Four of them were fast asleep.  One was sitting at the gate of the pen, looking up eagerly at us. I was attracted to the runt, Jeremy liked the eager pup. We took the runt and the bigger pup out to the yard to play with them and see them interact. A few minutes in we noticed the runt had a bad back leg and were told by one of the volunteers that she was not available for adoption as she would probably lose her back leg. Sad. We went home with the big puppy.

We took Ely to obedience training and taught him a few performance tricks. He is a good dog by nature and I believe he was made for us. He is a clown and loves to cuddle. He is my buddy.  Ely is intuitive to our actions. When my niece visited, she got hurt and was crying. Ely, who has spent minimal time with children, became obviously concerned, showing sympathy and a desire to help (she was scared of him so he didn’t do anything but look on with concern).

While I still recognize Ely as nothing more than a dog (he is NOT my baby.  I am NOT his mother), he has turned me into a dog lover. He is my buddy.