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I love Friends (the popular sitcom that ran on NBC from 1994-2004). Jeremy hates Friends and has always said he will never have it in our house. He loves How I Met Your Mother, which is really similar to Friends (think about it). For months, ok probably more like six weeks, I told him that Friends is similar. Both are ensemble casts. Friends meets in a coffee shop in New York. HIMYM meets in a bar in New York. Ted is sad, left at the alter, becomes a professor, and looks for a women to marry. Ross is sad, divorced, becomes a professor, and looks for a woman to marry. Joey and Barney are womanizers. Umbrellas are iconic props in both shows. The list goes on.

I guess I finally had the right argument because I am currently in bed watching season 1! Sure, Jeremy is downstairs and refuses to watch it with me, but it is in our house.