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So a friend of mine – ok, I’ll be honest, she is a FACEBOOK friend of mine. I knew her back in high school when we worked at summer camp. We are on friendly terms but at this point we don’t know each other beyond our profiles. She has been updating the last few days about her fight against addiction. Three days ago she gave up smoking. Her status updates have been all about the struggle.

I work with several people who smoke and throughout the past several years I have come to detest smoking. There is nothing positive about it. I know I sound like an after school special when I say this, but it smells bad, it leaves a toxic residue on your clothing, hair and skin, it is bad for your body, it smells bad, it is bad for those around you, it is highly addictive, it smells bad. Most smokers I know have tried to quit without success. This desire to quit has supported my decision to never start.

I could not be more proud of my Facebook friend. Daily she is posting how much money she has saved ($3.82 a day) and how much of her life she has saved (an hour for every day she hasn’t smoked). I can’t wait to see how much money and time she will save! I have become a cheerleader for her, rooting her on the past two days.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to break such an addictive habit. The last few days I’ve been checking in on her profile to make sure she is keeping up on it. I will probably celebrate wildly on her Facebook wall when she saves over $100. I know she can do it! Its early on in her battle. She needs all the support she can get. Root her on with me! Go Jennifer, GO!