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My friend Dulcey wanted to know if the Trix bunny and the Nesquik bunny are related. I spent some time thinking about that question:

Are the Trix bunny and the Nesquick bunny related?

Nesquik Bunny and Trix Bunny

My initial reaction is no, but that is racist. So, in fear of hate mail, here is my answer:


Here is their mother:


Don’t judge the momma’s appearance. She had two ADHD boys. She inevitably let herself go.

Here is Trix’s father:

Trix’s father, Duncan, was a struggling magician. He and Mom fell in love and started a family. Eventually, his failing entertainment business became too much of a strain on the relationship and Mom took the family and moved away. Still, Trix fell in love with his Dad’s entertainment business and eventually went into acting. He hit it big doing commercials.

This is Nesquik’s father:

Mom and Nesquik’s father, Joel, met about a year after she left Duncan. They met during the spring time. He was sweet and smooth, capturing her heart in an instant. Mom and Trix moved in and eventually the family grew. Trix got a little brother, Nesquik. Nesquik always looked up to his big brother and followed him to Hollywood and into commercials. Mom and Joel lived happily ever after.

This is a photo of the brothers with their agent, Mr. Peanut.