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This weekend is the party/family reunion in honor of my grandparent’s 60th anniversary. My aunt and I are planning the event. Now, before I go much further, let me make one thing clear, I LOVE party planning. I love thinking about the people the party is honoring. I love thinking about how much fun everyone will have. I love it all! I may complain about how busy I am over the next few days, but don’t take that to mean I’m not having fun; I really enjoy this stuff!

Today I went to the party supply store in town. Did you know that party stores have way too many choices? Well, they do! I needed cups, plates, cutlery and decorations.  Easy enough…. right? Wrong. There are aisles of these items. colors, designs, themes, etc.

Ok, party supply store, where is your 60th Anniversary Section? Oh, you don’t have one? You have a 3-foot wide section for 25th and 50th anniversary but nothing for the 60th? That’s ok! I’ll just go get some colored plates. Let’s see… 25th anniversary is silver, 50th anniversary is gold, 60th anniversary is diamond.  Where are the diamond-colored plates? Oh, nevermind. I’ll get white plates and cups with gold and silver cutlery and decorations….

This internal monologue went on for far too long. I was in the store after they closed. I don’t like doing that, but they didn’t announce they were closing. I only figured out they were closed when I realized I was locked in after checking-out. Sorry party supply store employees!

Several times I thought I should just take Dwight’s take on party planning: