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Jeremy’s flip flops are disgusting. The rubber is breaking off the bottom, the straps are stretched out, the whole of the shoes are disgusting.

We went to the mall and began our hunt for the new flip flops. The old pair were sketchers so we started at the sketchers store. There was one acceptable pair but I insisted we look at more before settling.

We probably went to eight shoe stores before coming across shoe carnival. I don’t take shoe carnival seriously, after all, it’s a carnival dedicated to shoes… it just sounds hazardous.

We passed by the croc display and Jeremy longingly gazed at them. He loves crocs. We moved on because we were shopping for flip flops, not crocs. We found a few decent pairs but nothing really meeting his specific needs (yes, he has specific flip flop needs). Suddenly, I saw them, the clouds opened, the sun shined down and a choir sang…


Croc flip flops! Perfect! They were really comfortable. I got myself a pair too.

Today we went shoe shopping.