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I am the youngest of five children. My parents were wonderful and took care of all of us. At a very early age, however, I learned they had their hands full. They got me a great bike when I outgrew my tricycle. It had training wheels and a horn. I rode it around town a lot. My older sibling were all able to ride a two-wheel bike.

One evening I came back from a bike ride and saw my brother’s two-wheel Huffy in the middle of the backyard. I got off my bike and got on my brother’s bike. I decided to beat this challenge on my own. I kept the kick-stand down so that I  wasn’t moving. I figured a little stationery practice would get me on the right start. I gave that about five minutes and then I put the kickstand up and started biking. I rode around the house and then put the bike back. I went inside where my parents were tending to another sibling’s issue. I announced that I could ride a bike. They briefly congratulated me and we all moved on.