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I am making things like new again!

This morning I gave my blog a nice new makeover. New header photo, new layout theme and new background. It has made me far more happy than it should. I visit my blog at least daily and I think I will enjoy looking at something of which I’m proud! I spent a good part of the morning admiring my work.

The rest of the morning and the entirety of the afternoon was spent cleaning. The entire house *cough* except for the garage *cough* is clean and organized. My DVDs are in alphabetical order, the top of the entertainment unit no longer has an inch of dust, and the microwave doesn’t require a hazmat suit to operate! This has been one productive weekend!

At dinner I thought about how to spend my evening. I assumed a nice clean house should offer better entertainment options than simply watching TV and inevitably falling asleep on the couch. It took me two episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix to figure out what I could do.

I walked upstairs and into the beautifully clean and completely dog-hair-free bathroom and began filling the tub. The next 20 minutes were spent with lit candles, Enya, lavender-vanilla bubble bath, and a brand new razor head (lets face it ladies, despite a disdain for shaving, there are few things better than a brand new razor head). Through a quiet moment I got rid of all the dust, dirt and grime my house had thrown at me over the past 48-hour battle. Relaxed and slightly dazed, I dried off, took out the fancy lotions I always forget I have and got my legs, hands and feet silky smooth…. Ahhhhhhh….

I hate cleaning.

This entire weekend was spent cleaning.

I had a great weekend!