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Last March I talked about auditions at the local community theatre. I had auditioned for the fall musical and was cast as an extra. If you read my posts from March, you’ll see I didn’t put a lot of time into preparing for auditions. It was only in the last week that I decided to go. Large role or not, I was excited about getting back into theatre and meeting more people outside of work.

My town has a lively community theatre. Auditions for the entire season are held each spring. This means that everyone in town who is interested in performing in any of the year’s shows will show up to auditions; that’s a lot of people, and a lot of competition. This method creates an exciting environment at auditions, but it has one major flaw: a lot can change in a couple of months!

The musical I am in has experienced some set-backs. At least three principal actors have left the show for one reason or another. I got a call today from the director asking if I was interested in one of the principle roles. Of course I am! I am committed to performing in this musical regardless of what role I have, but I am happy to step into a larger role. In fact, I’m really excited about getting a part. Sure, there is the burn that I wasn’t first choice, but hey, at least I was a choice! some of the other replacement roles are going to people outside of the very large pool of extras which made me think he wasn’t going to use any of the extras for the lead roles.

Yeah, I’m excited! We had our read-through about six weeks ago. Rehearsals start next week. I was looking forward to having fun before. I still am, but now I have some work to do. I’m off to read the script and learn some songs!