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Just so you know what I’m describing in the note below, I share a driveway with 11 other townhouses. The driveway and all grounds surrounding the townhouses are maintained through our association.

I’m pretty sure the neighbor across the shared driveway hates us. I have suspected this from early on. I think some of it is because we got a puppy around the time his beloved dog died. Some of it also may be because we hang carcasses of dead deer in our garage at least once a year. Actually, I know the second part is true.

J hunts and processes his own deer. This means that the deer hangs out in our garage for a day or two before processing. We do not keep our garage door open or invite our neighbors for a deer carcass party, but we do use our garage while the deer is there. Honestly, unless you looked directly into our garage (which our nosy neighbor does), you would have no idea what was in there. Our neighbor is not a vegetarian or a member of PETA. In fact, he has a compound bow hanging in his garage so I don’t think he is anti-hunting at all. He complains because the deer in our garage attract coyotes. That claim may be true, but it doesn’t explain why we have coyote sightings when deer aren’t bleeding nearby. There are always coyotes nearby.

One night J was doing car repairs directly in front of our garage. The neighbor watched out his window the entire evening (I told you he’s nosy). He complained the next day that we were too messy. -Oh, I failed to mention that my neighbor has OCD… he spent two full days washing his truck. I thought this was because he was getting ready to sell it, but two months later and it is still in the driveway. He is also known for sweeping the driveway, leaf-blowing the driveway, and placing all unclaimed newspapers directly in front of the garage of the person who so offensively didn’t pick it up the moment it was delivered (it really bothers him when people don’t pick up their papers). Every Wednesday when I leave for work I quickly pick up my unwanted newspaper and throw it in my trash to avoid this behavior.

Very little about our neighbor bothers me. The only semi-annoying occurence is when he revs his motorcycle for 5-10 minutes before taking off with it. I always smile at him when I see him. He always glares back at me, giving me the sense that my existence offends him. I don’t really think there is much I can do to persuade him otherwise. I just wish he would stop glaring at me.