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I am learning to own my personality. I am an optimist and can find a silver lining in the darkest of clouds. Sometimes my optimism reflects false naivety, but I am not naive, I am blissful. My optimism does not mean that I am always happy. I get mad, and sad, and cry, but eventually I always return to my blissful state of mind. I am told that when I was little I often quoted the great Bobby McFarrin, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Actually, I said “Don’t wowwy, be hoppy,” but I was three so it was cute and effectively portrayed the message.

My life has introduced me to a lot of pessimists and I don’t know how to act around pessimists. Pessimists do the impossible: while optimists find the silver lining on a cloud, pessimists find dark shadows in the sun; a concept I can’t understand. They are often angry or upset. When I am angry or upset, I want someone to tell me that it will be alright and they are there for me. Pessimists, I have learned, don’t always appreciate this blind support. They get frustrated and question my support. I feel bad for this personality. I feel bad because the pessimist allows themselves to wallow in sadness, anger and grief longer than they need to. While sitting in their cloud of despair they fail to see the beauty of life around them.

You see, I love life! I love that all of us have been given a beautiful gift to spend as we please. Why waste that? Sometimes curve balls are thrown at me, but I decide my reaction to those circumstances. Lately I have applied that mentality to pessimists too. You see, most pessimists try to drag me down to their wallowing and self-pity. I strive to empathize with people, but pessimists bum me out. It isn’t healthy to be a pessimist. It is a supported medical theory! Here is an article supporting it. Here is another. What I’m doing is not naive, it is healthy! I am proud to be an optimist!

Finally, I am an optimists with a peace that passes all understanding. I choose to be happy because I know I’m taken care of. My job is to have joy in life and share that joy with others, and that is what I intend to do!

Don’t worry, be happy!