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I mentioned a few days ago that my dog had a bad day. I realize by writing this I will complete my transformation into one of those people who treats their pets like humans. I spent far too many entries talking about my dog and this one goes into far too much detail about my Dog’s day than any of you probably care to know. If it makes things any better, I refuse to be called my Dog’s “Mom.” I am not his mother.

Ely’s day started out well. He had a good breakfast, a good scratch behind the ears and a dentastick. It was shaping up to be an above average day. I assume Ely spent the morning by the door, chewing on his favorite blanket and chasing a cat or two. I came home for lunch. As always, I let Ely out to give him a little break. Then I did something horrible – I left him tied up to my front porch.

When I came home from work 5 hours later, he let out a panicked bark. I felt awful and immediately gave him several treats and a short petting session. While eating my dinner during my hour between work and rehearsal, Ely relaxed at my feet. He was there for several minutes and then slightly shifted his weight. Out of nowhere he yelped out in pain, discharged his anal glands (that was a first for me!) and ran over to where his kennel used to be with his tail tucked tight against his belly. I had NO idea what happened. I also had no idea what he just left on the couch and the carpet. My mind raced – was there a rodent under the couch? did he just get sick and was trying to keep it in and felt bad for not doing succeeding? did a tick just come off him and it was painful? I let him outside and he hid under the bush. I brought him back in, showered him off in the bathtub and cleaned up the small mess he left in the living room. By that time I had to leave for rehearsal. Ely was very timid, but not showing signs of pain so I left him.

I came home and Ely was still just fine so I went on with my normal evening routine. I still had to get my blog post out so I grabbed the lap top from the coffee table. It was in hibernation mode and would not turn on completely. I checked the outlet and the cord to see if it was still connected. Everything was still plugged in but while checking the cord I figured out what happened to Ely. The computer cord was gnawed on during the day. I found the exposed cord laying on Ely’s blanket. Ely has never gnawed on electrical wires before and I don’t think he did this on purpose. I know he likes to wrap his antler in his blanket and chew on it through the soft felt. I think the cord got stuck in the blanket and he enjoyed the texture of the cord through the blanket. When he shifted weight at my feet he must have leaned on the cord and connected the charge. I finally understood what happened to Ely. I am thankful he was ok. I am frustrated I have to buy a new power cord to a computer I hate.

I was embarrassed to tell J about my failure as a dog-owner. After telling him everything that happened I said, “Ely had a bad day…”