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J asked me to order his textbooks for his upcoming semester. I looked them up online and did my best to price compare to find the best deal. The final total: $823. Wow, that is a lot of money for books that will be used for 16 weeks! I couldn’t believe how much it was going to cost us just so J could sit in frustration and stress while finishing homework assignments and studying for tests.

E-books are becoming more common. Most of Jeremy’s required textbooks are available as e-books. These books are less expensive and can be shared with up to three people. So, our decision is whether or not to purchase an iPad so J can get textbooks and do other school and non-school related things on it. I realize other brands have their own take on the “tablet” but I am starting to think my relationship with Apple is becoming exclusive and I am pretty sure I would be disappointed with any other brand.

This is the first time I have considered getting an iPad. Up until now I thought it would be frivolous if we got one (I would be in the gray section of this pie chart). Now, I am seeing the benefits of the tool (orange). J would not have to haul large text books, he could save money on the cost of the books and he would have a reasonable excuse to make a very expensive purchase. After all, it is about saving money in the long run, right? 🙂

We haven’t decided yet, but I know we will have to soon. J starts school in less than 2 weeks.