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I had a wonderful evening. Dinner was at a friend’s house. Some of the people there I hadn’t seen in some time. It was wonderful to see everyone. Everyone brought something to share: brats, wine, coleslaw (no mayo). It was delightful! For some reason the majority of the time was spent talking about the new grocery store that went into town. We said the word “Hy-vee” at least 50 times… So much so that someone said they felt like they were in an SNL sketch (is that because SNL repeats a mundane phrase until it becomes funny?). Eventually this dialogue took place:

“What makes Hy-vee so great is that it’s employee owned so each employee has stock in the company.”

“Do YOU have stock in the company?”

“Yeah, we get 10 cents for each time we say ‘Hy-vee.'” After that, we made little cha-ching noises every time someone said the word…

…I live in a small town. A new grocery store is BIG news!

Dinner and a show! Get it? because they are theatre masks that you can eat? Get it?...

I had to leave dinner early because I had tickets to a community theatre production of Father of the Bride. It was the 1940s version and was fun to see. Heather, the person I went to auditions with last March, was playing Ellie, the Mother of the Bride. She did a fantastic job! She stayed true to her character through ever part of the show!

I was planning on getting Heather some flowers for her performance, but she got three bouquets on opening night so I decided to get her something else. The confectionery in town makes ornamental chocolate – different shapes like telephones and dogs and princesses. I was fortunate enough that they had theater masks. They were too perfect so I had to get them for her! I got one in dark chocolate and one in milk chocolate.

mmm chocolate.