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Sometimes just a few seconds can make a day great!

My moment was while I sat at a red light. I had a perfect view of the 60+ year-old driver ahead of me through his side mirror. His windows were down and he was blasting The Beach Boys. His was so passionate with his dancing and singing that you would have thought he was putting on a show, but it was clear in his eyes that he was completely oblivious to the drivers around him. Priceless!

J’s moment was a conversation he overheard at Walmart. This is what he texted to me:

Best overheard exchange today….
Walmart greeter 1: “gonna rain today”
Walmart greeter 2: “How do you know? Did you see the forecast?”
Walmart greeter 1: “No, I feel it in my stump”


You see, THIS is why I love life!!