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Today was set building for the musical. I put in a couple hours time. In those hours I painted a few sets and was intrusted to use power saws and power drills. Foolish foolish people. Thankfully, I left the building with same number of phalanges as when I started. Still, foolish, foolish people.

I cleaned out the paintbrushes, scrubbed the paint off my skin (how paint lands on the back of my neck I’ll never know) and changed into paint-free clothes. The cast drove off to a fair that is going on in town. We did another public performance of several of the songs from the show. I was thankful to see that we were far more comfortable performing than last week. The songs were smoother and we were clearly more prepared.

We came, we sang, we left

I’ll be honest, I was kind of hoping I could get a good ear of boiled corn before I left, but I didn’t drive myself so I left with the group. I may go back just to get the corn., or I’ll go with J tomorrow, or I’ll buy some corn from the grocery store, boil it myself and bypass the $5 parking. But if I do that, I wont get to smell the funnel cakes or the corn dogs. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to pay for parking this time around!

I like fairs.