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I went to Goodwill today to get some not-as-fat pants. I’m not at my goal yet, so a big shopping spree is not practical, but my wardrobe choices are dwindling in my closet, so I went to the thrift store. I believe, no matter what size I am, I will always hate shopping for pants. Here is why:

Women’s pants come in obscure sizes: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 and so on. These numbers mean about as much as cucumber, sun, tv, fingernail, bird, penny, piano, elbow. The result is me wading through a general area of the pants selection where the sizes may or may not fit.

Goodwill carries whatever brands get donated to them. This means my search will take twice as long than if I had gone to a store that sells only one or two brands.

Today I picked the same size for every pair of pants. Here were the results (thank you google image for providing these examples):

I wish I was over exaggerating, but Starbucks cup sizes (Tall, Grande, Venti) make more sense than woman’s pants sizes! It’s time we all took to men’s sizes which follow basic height and width rules!

After an hour or so of frustration, I found three pairs that should suffice. The only thing that slightly helped ease my frustration was paying $15 for three pairs of pants. Not too bad.