My house is freezing! September rolls around. All summer long I’ve enjoyed a comfortable house at 75 degrees. Now it is September and this guy keeps opening my windows. I wouldn’t mind that except that a cold front hit over the weekend and now it isn’t summer. It is fall. I’m not ready to restart my relationship with my sweaters and sweatshirts and sweatpants again. I want to keep summer around – or at least close the windows!

I have enjoyed the midday weather that the cold front brought.  It is pleasant. But I get home late, well after the sun has set. I am tired. One thing I hate more than being tired is being tired and cold. You may as well slap me in the face and pull my hair, it wont matter at that point. Cold and tired make me angry

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE fall. The crisp air, the constant smell of cinnamon and apples and fireplaces (or in my case, Fireside by Yankee Candle).  It is wonderful! I just know that winter is on its way. Cold. Snow. Wind. BLAH!

Please summer, COME BACK! I’m not ready for you to leave!

Hey, J, could you please close the windows? I’m freezing!

Not cool, man. Not cool!