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Hi blog readers! Guess what? I’m on a real computer typing this, I’m not scrambling to post something at the tail end of the day on my phone as I leave the theater. That’s right, the show is over. That means you have your postaday2011 blogger back, but don’t expect much from me in the next three months. I got used to lazy blogging and I kinda like it.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the musical. We did Curtains. I played Niki Harris, the up-and-coming actress who falls in love with Lieutenant Frank Cioffi as he conducts a homicide investigation at the theatre.

Ms Nancy the School Marm, aka Niki Harris, aka ME and Parson Tuck, aka Randy, aka Ryan

Rob Hood, aka Alan O'Dell, aka Bobbi, aka Kevin (are we confused yet?) and Ms. Nancy, aka Niki, aka ME!

We're a special kind of people known as SHOW PEOPLE!

Cioffi tells Niki all about his mundane life and Niki is very impressed...

Niki in the first blue dress Cioffi gives to her to "match her eyes"

A sleepy group of suspects discuss the latest death threats with Cioffi

Bambi does her Princess Kickapoo dance....naughty Bambi!

Niki's got a gun... (This was a lot of fun to shoot each night!)

Cioffi and Niki fall in love with a dream dance sequence that is very Fred and Ginger, or as the script says, Marge and Gower Champion. And yeah, I totally caught him (most nights).

Tough Act to Follow

In The Same Boat... my hero...

The ladies on the raft are saved at the end of In the Same Boat

The killer is finally revealed and plastic knife tickles my neck...

A big thanks to the cast and crew of this show, it was a blast to be apart of it. Those of you (the majority of you) who are unfamiliar with this show are probably very confused from these pictures, so don’t try to piece the show together from them, just look at all the pretty dresses I got to wear!!! 🙂