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Last November I volunteered to help some film students with their final project: a short film called Return to Grace. It was completed about two months ago and was submitted to a couple of film festivals. It even won an award!

Me on the set of Return to Grace

This week my slightly mis-spelled name appeared on one of my favorite websites: IMDb.com (Internet Movie Database). I use this website almost every time I watch a movie. This website answers the question “What else have I seen that person in?” And now my name is sort of on there!

I got a little giddy seeing my almost-name up on the page. I finally know how Navin R. Johnson feels after getting his name in the Phonebook. Having my name on this site is about as meaningful as a listing in the phonebook, but I still feel like yelling, “I’M SOMEBODY!…Things are going to start happening to me now.”