Well, I made the first step to learning guitar. I bought strings and stringed the guitar. It was a pathetic experience. I have over a decade of violin experience so I figured re-stringing a guitar would be no problem. For the most part I was correct, but there were some minor difference. First, the pegs below the bridge of the guitar- those took me a little time to figure out. Six strings to restring can be a bit much too- I broke one in the process. The hardest part though, and I still haven’t fixed this problem, is the excess wire at the head. I don’t know where our wire cutters are. Violins are easy, they just wrap around the peg, guitars are messy.

I’ve learned six chords. I’m working on my calluses (it’s been a while since I played the violin and even then I wouldn’t get the calluses that a guitar brings).

I think just a little practice each day and I’ll get somewhere with this guitar thing. I’m already seeing a difference from yesterday’s playing. It’s not so bad!

Someday I'll play this....