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I am finding that my favorite time of the day is when I’m alone in my car. I have become quite the Karaoke Superstar (as the once popular Superchik would put it). I get excited about going somewhere because it means I will be singing, belting and kind-of-dancing as I drive through smalltown USA. Sure, the notes aren’t always perfect and I don’t sound like the broadway stars I so admire, but I’m happy. I am surrounded by the world but I don’t care because I’m in my car and as far as I’m concerned, totally sound-proof (don’t pop this bubble of ignorance).

Admit it, you do it too!

This has been my happy place for a long time. I used to not care if others were in the car with me. When I was three my family took a trip through europe. I sat in the back of the hot van and sang loudly at the top of my lungs. Of course, back then it was viewed as cute and not obnoxious or the total disregard of a social folkway because I was three!

I like my happy place!