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My house became the storage space for an iPad 2 a couple of months ago. the iPad fascinates me the same way all apple products do. It is shiny, and user-friendly, and well-built. The iPad, however, is really not a necessity in this technological age. It is more useful than an iPod touch but less useful than a computer.

We got one because it was cheaper to buy the  and use it for storing text books than it was to purchase the larger, space-consuming text books for the next three semesters J is in school.

Last night, J and I discovered a legitimate use for the iPad. Apparently thousands of others have already discovered this use and have posted it on youtube. We were late with the discovery, but are pleased with the results!

Why this really is useful: teaches our dog agility, tests our dog’s vision, allows our dog to practice functioning with sight and sound but not smell (if he loses his sense of smell in his later years), and it is just entertaining.

This app is called “Pocket Pond” and it is (I think) meant to be an app to help you relax.

We cleaned the screen after shooting the video.