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I went to see Real Steel in the theaters yesterday. Horrible movie in my opinion but it had one of my favorite actors in it, Hugh Jackman. I have liked him since I first watched X-men and he gained more appeal in my eye when I heard he started on Broadway.

J had mentioned going to see “the movie with Hugh Jackman” and I used IMDb.com to look up the title (Real Steel) to figure out which one. While on the site I saw an interesting upcoming movie Hugh is scheduled to star in. It is a movie I have anticipated for as long as I can remember: Les Miserables, the Musical.

I read the cast list and figured it had to be fake:

Hugh Jackman starring as Jean Valjean

Anne Hathaway as Fantine

Helena Bonham Carter (she was Belatrix, the scary woman in Harry Potter) as Madame Thenardier

Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert

Geoffrey Rush as Monsieur Thenardier

This had to be fake!

I did a google news search for Les Miserables and Hugh Jackman and I came up with article after article proclaiming the glorious news!

I got giddy. Really giddy. Probably too giddy. But you don’t understand, Les Miserables is my all time favorite musical. Hugh Jackman is my longest running celebrity crush. It was too perfect. I believe I even put together a fantasy cast list for Les Miserables and I had him playing Jean Valjean – I’m not kidding.

The movie isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until December 2012 so I have a long time of waiting, but I am so very excited!