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I was at the grocery store today when I found these:

I was flooded with memories of the things my grandma makes in the kitchen at christmas time. My favorite was her chocolate covered Ritz sandwiches. The recipe was this:

two Ritz crackers with peanut butter sandwiched between and then covered in chocolate or almond bark.

They were a holiday favorite of mine and I made them in my home my first christmas on my own.

I was excited to see that Ritz was making pre-dipped crackers and I almost bought them thinking I could just put some peanut butter on them and they would be almost the same….

almost the same.


not the same.

they would bring disappointment.

I put the box back on the shelf and left with a hunger for family, baked goods, games, warmth and song.

It wasn’t the same, but nice try Nabisco.



I’ll probably still buy them eventually, just to be sure they aren’t the same, but I already know the answer.