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It is the day after thanksgiving, which means we have officially started the countdown to Christmas. Today I got myself in the mood:

Here are all the Christmas decorations and of course, the traditional movie to watch after decorating is over: Elf

Here is the PartyLite Village that was given to me by my Sister-in-law Katie. Also are the stockings I knitted three years ago

Here is the tree. We had to get a new tree-topper this year because our puppy chewed it to bits last year. This picture was taken before we got the new topper.

Early afternoon we braved the streets on Black Friday to get some decorations and baking supplies. Of course, it isn't Christmas without Caribou Coffee. This is my Ho Ho Mint Mocha

Growing up my parents let me open one gift the day we decorated for Christmas. It was always a new ornament for the tree. This ornament is apart of a series my parents started with me before I left the nest. I have continued to get the series' new additions each year. This is number 11 of the Hallmark Series "Snowball and Tuxedo"

Of course, it isn't Christmas until the kitchen gets completely destroyed in a whirlwind of baked goods and warm food. Jeremy made turkey and wild rice soup with some left over turkey and homemade turkey stock. I made toffee bars.