Tis the season…


Today was the office Christmas party. Good food and a relaxing time. When I got home there was a pile of Christmas cards. Tis the season…for lazy writing! Ten days left and the resolution to blog everyday will be over. And I promise you, it will be over. No more cranking out poorly written posts at 11:00pm. I may write still, but only if I really have something to share. Or I’ll go back to status updates on Facebook- that’s basically what these blog posts are anyway.

I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the year of blogging. 10 more posts so let’s make the best of it!


Last day


It snowed in my hometown today – couple inches. With the hours left in Florida rapidly decreasing, I chose to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spend the entire day outside. I ran in the morning then sat poolside until close to sundown – ok there were a couple hours where I was inside to cool off or eat, but mostly I was by the pool. It was perfect! Tomorrow reality hits like a blast of cold air.

The Phil


I was so excited about today! My very first violin teacher plays for the Naples philharmonic orchestra. She got j and me tickets to the Christmas pops concert. Watching the performance brought back memories of my experience in orchestra, trips to orchestra hall, and hours (but not enough hours) of playing my violin.

She came out at intermission. Last time I saw her she was taller than me! It has been a while! So so good to see the woman who fueled my love of the violin, orchestra and music. Thank you M!

It was wonderful!