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Most weekday mornings I watch the Today Show on NBC (can I get paid for plugging them on my blog?).  After a few months of watching I realized a familiar face in the crowd…. This guy:

His name is Linny Boyette and he is a retired military man.  He attends the Today Show outside on the pavilion everyday sans Sunday.  He has been an audience member for over 12 years. He even has his own Facebook fan page.  He is probably my favorite part about the Today Show.  He is my own “where’s waldo” everyday.  He even keeps his wardrobe similar on a day-to-day basis.  Just look for the guy with the big sunglasses and dark clothes.  He doesn’t smile or wave.  He looks into the camera, points, and nods.  Clearly, he is cool.

So, readers, next time you watch the Today Show on NBC (Ca-Ching?!?), look for this guy in the audience.